You can manage your home from anywhere in the world with the hearth of inohom smart home system. You can access to all controls of your home with iOS, and Android app and via web interface.

iOS & Android Support


You can wirelessly communicate with other inohom products and manage different scenarios and alarm conditions. Smart home systems enable you to add new devices and expand the system in the future.

Encrypted Rf Communication

Works integrated with all inohom products with wireless communication infrastructure.


Wifi + Ethernet Connection

Single products with SIP support and remote access.

Control of all devices, Activation of Alarm and Scenarios

Technicial Specifications
Operating System : Linux OS
Processor : 1.5 Ghz Quad Core
RAM : 1 GB
Memory : 16 GB
Communication : RF, WiFi, Ethernet
Supply : 5VDC
Protection Class : IP 20
Dimensions : 109mm x 75mm x 27mm
Installation : Portable