Infrared Control Module

Brand Independent Operation

We are collecting all remote control in single device. Independent from brand, you can control all devices such as TV, satellite, air-conditioner, and music player. Also, all functions of your smart home are performed on mobile application or any remote control.

Room Thermostat

Build-in temperature sensor measures room temperature and enables thermostat management based on pre-set value.

Lux Meter

Sensor that measures brightness level can manage curtain, blind, lighting, and other controls.

Task Assignment to Any Button

Brand or device that remote control belongs is no longer important. You can assign lighting, curtain-blind, plug, and even thermostat temperature control tasks to any button.

All Remote Controls Are in One App

You can assign tasks of any remote control button to user-friendly interface on the mobile app within 2 seconds.

iOS & Android Support

Technicial Specifications
IR Led : 6 Pieces
Communication : RF
Angle : 270 °
Frequency : 38 kHz
Sensor : Lux meter, Temperature (0.5 C ° Accuracy)
Supply : 5 VDC
Operating System : Embedded inohom OS
Connections : USB Power Cable
Protection Class : IP 20
Dimensions : 50 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm
Installation : Portable