Single Panel for Everything

Instead of standard mechanical switch group, new generation multi-functional touch screen glass switch will help you to control room temperature, curtain-blinds, dimmer, and on-off lighting. Also, you can activate pre-defined scenarios with inohom smart room switch.
Smart room switches offer aesthetic look and technology together with tempered glass design and different colour options.

Thermostat Property

Temperature of the room is measured and this temperature is kept at set values.

Wireless Communication

While using built-in outputs, this panel wirelessly communicates with other inohom products.

Built-in Output

With 3 16A relay output and 1 0-10V output, various controls can be made.

10 Page 20 Control

You can add up to 20 controls on 10 pages and crowded switch groups are eliminated.

Colour Options

There are different colours options specific to your project.

Easy Installation

With wall mounting apparatus, this panel can be mounted on any surface.

Technicial Specifications
Display : 0.96" OLED Display
Communication : RF
Buttons : 6 CH Capacitive Touch
Outputs : 0-10VDC (Dimmer), 3 Relays (277VAC 16A inrush 100A)
Sensor : Internal Temperature Sensor (0.5 C ° Sensitivity)
Supply : 100-240V AC
Operating System : Embedded inohom OS
Connections : Screw Terminal
Protection Class : IP 20
Dimensions : 90mm x 90mm x 10mm
Installation : Wall Mounting