Energy Meter

Electricity, Natural Gas, Water Consumption

This meter monitors electric, natural gas, and water consumptions amounts and bills and promises environmentally friendly, 30% more efficient life.

%30 Savings

Special For Business
Detailed Consumption Monitoring

With web interface, you can monitor office and business consumption values in detail.

You can monitor 3 phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power and cos φ values. Reactive and capacitive limit exceeds and penalty application is prevented.

iOS & Android

You are notified about all consumption value exceeds and alarm notifications on inohom mobile applications

Built-in Relay Outputs

With 3 relay outputs, you can control water valve, natural gas valve, and electric contactor.

For Home, Office and Business

Set you own savings by monitoring Water and Natural Gas consumption.
inohom is always there for you...

Technicial Specifications
Display : 0.96" OLED
Buttons : Menu Navigation Buttons
Supply : 220VAC
Input : 2 Pulse Inputs, 3 Phase 1 Neutral Inputs
Outputs : 3 Relays 277VAC 5A
Operating System : Embedded inohom OS
Dimensions : 95mm x 50mm x 60 mm
Connections : Screw terminal
Protection Class : IP 20
Installation : Rail Assembly