Energy Meter

%30 Saving Energy

Electricity, Natural Gas, Water Consumption

This meter monitors electric, natural gas, and water consumptions amounts and bills and promises environmentally friendly, 30% more efficient life.

Special For Business
Detailed Consumption Monitoring

With web interface, you can monitor office and business consumption values in detail.

You can monitor 3 phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power and cos φ values. Reactive and capacitive limit exceeds and penalty application is prevented.

iOS & Android

You are notified about all consumption value exceeds and alarm notifications on inohom mobile applications

Built-in Relay Outputs

With 3 relay outputs, you can control water valve, natural gas valve, and electric contactor.


Detailed monitoring and reporting with weekly and monthly graphical consumption analysis.

30% More energy efficient.

%30 Saving

For Home, Office and Business

Set you own savings by monitoring Water and Natural Gas consumption.
inohom is always there for you...

Technicial Specifications
Display : 0.96" OLED
Buttons : Menu Navigation Buttons
Supply : 220VAC
Input : 2 Pulse Inputs, 3 Phase 1 Neutral Inputs
Outputs : 3 Relays 277VAC 5A
Operating System : Embedded inohom OS
Dimensions : 95mm x 50mm x 60 mm
Connections : Screw terminal
Protection Class : IP 20
Installation : Rail Assembly